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complete system for street lighting control

Rabbit Company specializes in production of devices and systems for control, management and monitoring of outdoor lighting (street, road and architecture). Our product control external lighting not only in the biggest Polish cities, but also in Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Estonia. It is worth to mention, that whole lighting in Warsaw and Cracow is activated by our devices. Our experience in streets lighting range, supported by reliable knowledge, allows us to advise the most beneficial solution to the customer.

We offer our customers complete solution for street lighting control:
• astronomical controllers CPA and digital dusk switches for lighting activation digiLUX
• autonomous power reducers in sodium lighting fittings APC 2
• voltage reducers-stabilizers in street lighting GreeBOX, microBOX
• system cabinets for street lighting SSOU with power reducer
• system for monitoring and control CPAnet and other devices

Digital astronomical controllers CPA are products of biggest and constant popularity. We have sold over 65 thousands of CPA controllers in various versions. Those devices are willingly used by communes due to high savings they assure, and by power companies due to convenient installation, operation and low failure frequency.

CPA was appreciated during many fair events. We received a number of prizes and awards for our achievements.The first prize "Golden Spark" we recived on the trade fair Elektro-Expo - Warsaw, and awards: Electro installations - Gdansk, Light - Warsaw, Tarel - Wroclaw, Energy – Wroclaw. We have got ELEKTROPRODUCT of the year 2008 and the Best Product of trade fair ELECTROTECHNICS 2010 – Warsaw. Astronomical Programmer CPA6.0 won the first place in the competition for "The Best Product of the Trade Fair LIGHT 2012” and "Prize of the Polish Chamber of Engineers in lighting." In 2013 our product was once again praised. MicroBox power reducer was awarded the "best presented products of Trade Fair ELECTROTECHNIC 2013".

complete system for street lighting control

CPA net

CPA net is a new system of remote monitoring and management of lighting by website www in real-time from the position of the computer or the mobile devices. It makes possible to have intelligent control of lighting depending on weather conditions and intensities of the street-traffic.

This device has the built-in receiver GPS, that is why can count exact times of the sun-up and the sunsetting depending on the geographical position. GPS sent correct time, what eliminates the necessity of the periodic correction of the clock in the device. After installing this device in the lighting's wardrobe follows his automatic location on the map on the website www.

System consists of:
• Astronomical clock CPAnet
• Network analyzer DMK52
• Measuring transformer
• Antenna

Each user after the log-in on its own profile on website www.cpanet.pl has an insight into the own structure of lighting on the interesting area (cities, villages, regions). Using the CPA net we have a possibility of passing of all analyses concerning: power consumptions, the consumption of energy, alarm situations and networks parameters.

Most important features of system CPA net:
• Full control and management by website www in real-time
• Communication: GPRS, SMS, CSD
• Synchronization of the time by GPS and automatic configuration of the device depending on his geographical position
• Analysis of the networks parameters, e.g.: current, voltage, power, energy.
• Analysis of alarm situations and archiving of alarm and of measuring data
• User authorization (login, password) and allocation of different authorizations
• Remote exchange of software and settings by GPRS (free for 24 months)
• Automatic calculation of the time zone and automatic change: Winter time / Summer time
• Possibility to see your controllers CPAnet on the map (Google maps)

complete system for street lighting control

CPA 5rc

Programator CPA 5rc is intelligent street lighting controller with monitoring possibility. It is equipped with precise quartz clock of very good accuracy with automatic summer/winter time change. Communication with controller takes place using radio remote controller, which allows for contact without cabinet opening. CPA5rc controller has 2 independent programmable outputs and one auxiliary output for double tariff meter control. Cooperation with dusk switch (it is not required). Additional function is events recorder, which records also power supply failures. This unique function gives user many information about lighting system operation.

complete system for street lighting control


PS 5rc remote controller allows for remote cooperation with group of CPA controllers. It communicates with astronomical clock CPA 5rc through radio connection, therefore without opening lighting cabinet. With controllers CPA3.1 and CPA4.0 it communicates through infrared connection. Theoretical range of radio connection is tens of meters in open space and depends on some external conditions (interference in 2.4 GHz band), but practically does not drop below several meters, which is enough in above application. Infrared connection range is few meters. Remote controller allows for simple implementation of all necessary settings in controller, reading of recorded data, send control commands, read current controllers state and many more. One remote controller may operate unlimited number of controllers, one important thing is that adjacent controllers have different network identification addresses. Remote controller is supplied from two R6AA batteries, and is light, ergonomic, with built-in alphanumerical display with backlight and membrane keypad. Supply batteries state is continuously monitored, and in case of their low state user is informed by pulsating B sign in upper right part of display.

complete system for street lighting control

CPA 5RC with GPS
Digital astronomic programmer device

CPA 5RC is equipped in GPS module to synchronize time and date of the controller. Synchronization is automatic and it is in real time. Communication with the controller is done with remote. So u don’t have to open the main box.

complete system for street lighting control

CPA 4.0

СРА 4.0 is a specialized controller designed for exterior lighting system on/ off switching. The on/ off switching is controlled by the sunrise and sunset table, which is permanently stored in the device memory. The user may modify the lighting duration depending on either the financial status or local requirements may also set the both switching delays - after sunset and sunrise. CPA precisely controls street lighting operation. This device allows to reduce costs of lighting to user expectations level. Installed in lighting cabinet and properly programmed does not require any additional intervention. It controls lighting in annual cycle, without necessity of periodic adjustment. Single programming allows for many years of operation and almost maintenance-free lighting control with high precision of lamps switching on and off. Program stored in CPA memory is not deleted even after power supply failure. Device programming is performed with controller keys or remote controller PS 5RC, using infrared connection. CPA controllers are delivered with preset time and date, and are programmed by default.

complete system for street lighting control

Reducer GreenBoX

It is a modern device used for energy savings in lighting circuits. method of reducing the voltage and also method of power saving used in transformer, allows to save energy no matter the type of sources (except LEDs). This method does not introduce higher harmonics in the circulation and does not affect on the operation of lighting.

With modern solutions of designed and small-sized GreenboX can be installed to any new lighting installation either existing. GreenboX series reducers are used mostly in low-power lighting circuits. No introduction of harmonics distortion by our device allows the use it on a network with rated currents - 15/20/25A.

An attractive price of the device allows to achieve a good return rate of investment after 1 year.

complete system for street lighting control


SSOU is complex solution of street lighting cabinet. In one housing measuring section, switching section, central power reducing system (power reducer) and control and remote supervision are integrated (CPA). Cabinet is made in housing divided into three section with separate doors and locks:
1. measurement section
2. switching section
3. power reducer section
Cabinets are made according to customer requirements. During order completing stage all technical details are agreed. Final design is created, and after its acceptance realization takes place. Cabinets are installed in aluminum, powder coated housings (other types are possible as well). They may be made as single or triple phased, with power range from 3.5 kVA to 150 kVA. Due to application of modern control system, based upon CPAnet controller, and power reducer, solution fully compliant with European standards has been designed. Possibility of remote software update makes it very flexible, adjustable to future customer’s needs.

complete system for street lighting control


The APC module is based on a microprocessor-controlled timer which allows the reduction process by temporal choke switch. The power output is reduced simultaneously in all lighting fittings within one circuit. APC-2 can be used with lighting fittings in road and street lighting circuits where temporary decrease in light flux is acceptable. APC-2 can be installed in fittings with sodium and mercury lamps in road and park enclosures. APC-2 installed in lighting fittings is a convenient and effective way to save electrical energy. APC-2 requires no controls, therefore no additional control cables are necessary.

complete system for street lighting control


APC-2 prog designed for easy re-programming of lighting fittings equipped with the APC power reduction systems and installed in the real lighting systems. After installation in a lighting cabinet, the APC-2 prog re-programs simultaneously all the fittings in this section of the lighting system equipped with the APC reducers. The fittings are programmed by a sequence of ON/OFF supply power switching operations. The APC-2 prog unit enables programming of the reduction beginning times within the period of 15:00 – 8:00, with accuracy of 0.5 hour, and of the reduction duration times from 0 to 16 hours, also with accuracy of 0.5 hour.

complete system for street lighting control


Digital dusk switch digiLUX is designed for control of lighting in streets, production plants, industrial halls. It is autonomous device or operating as supplementation of digital astronomical controllers CPA.

DigiLux measures lighting intensity with precision up to 1 lux in wide range and displays measured value on LED display. Device consists of measuring part and sensor. Sensor is built upon the basis of light – frequency converter. Keys on front panel allow for setting switching on and off levels with precision of 1 lux in whole measurement range. DigiLux has defined delay during lighting switching on and off at level of 1 minute, which prevents short switching on and off, caused by e.g. momentary sensor lighting. Unique features of that device: wide measurement range, presentation of measurement results on display and possibility of implementing of changes with resolution of 1 lx allow to use digiLux in control of lighting in factory halls, corridors, etc.

complete system for street lighting control


TZ-2 is a versatile tester, may be used for luminaries with E27 and E40 holders. Technical parameters:
• indicates the presence of ignition pulses,
• indicates the presence of power supply,
• easy to use, effective in operations.



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